"In a fast-paced world, the ability to connect is a differentiator." -- Laura Lopez
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Laura Lopez is a performance strategist, leadership specialist and branding expert with more than 20 years of corporate experience. She is also a late-in-life mom who gleaned her leadership insights from her experiences with her daughter and applied them at work with outstanding results. Laura discusses this in her new book, The Connected and Committed Leader, a practical guide that teaches you how to achieve better results at work by applying lessons from home.

Laura is a sought-after keynote speaker, award-winning author, and business and life coach who has been featured on the Today Show and Fox News. In addition, her accomplishments have been highlighted in several business periodicals including The Long Beach Business Journal, The Houston Chronicle, Latina Magazine, and Central Valley Business Times. Her articles on management and leadership are regularly seen in Leadership Excellence.

Laura has been leading teams and achieving results for Fortune 100 Companies since the early ‘80s. Most recently, she was a highly successful Vice President at The Coca-Cola Company. As President and CEO of Laura Lopez and Company and The Living Leadership Learning Institute, she helps businesses to achieve superior results through connected and committed leadership. Laura believes that effective connections with employees, consumers and customers are what drive outstanding performance. Her expertise in corporate business coupled with her experience as a parent, has given Laura a unique and practical perspective on leadership.

A native New Yorker and first generation American, Laura’s heritage is of Spanish descent. Her parents emigrated from Spain as young children. She is multilingual, speaking fluent Spanish, English and French. Laura has a passion for exploring diversity in its many expressions through culture, language, dress, business and the arts. She believes that leveraging global differences make a workplace more innovative and creative.

Known to many as the “energizer bunny”, Laura is as boundless in her personal interests as she is in business. An avid runner and committed artist in the areas of dance and painting, she finds inspiration in beauty and nature. Laura also loves to sleep (energizer bunnies have only two speeds, “on” and “off”). The genesis of her breakthrough insights and ideas come to her while she is getting her zzzzs and then get further fleshed out when she runs.

Laura brings a broad international and cultural perspective to her programs as well. She has spent significant time outside of the US particularly in Spain, France, Mexico and Turkey. Her programs have no borders; her insights are applicable in the United States as they are abroad.

Laura holds an MBA from The American Graduate School of International Business and a Bachelors of Science degree from Bucknell University. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and daughter.

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