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April, 2013

As you see more, do you know less? 

Several years back when I started writing my  book, The Connected and Committed Leader, I began to understand the wisdom in counter- intuitive truths.  Many of the leadership insights I gleaned were about turning around some common perceived truth in order to find the wisdom in the unexpected.  

As I began to discover some of these for myself, I began to see how so many lessons in life were based in these counter-intuitive truths that could  be applied both at home and at work.  Here are just a collection of some of my favorites:  

  • Pull back in order to push forward
  • Be receptive to others in order to influence them
  • See others in order to be seen
  • Say less in order to say more

Recently, I heard a counter-intuitive truth in a  line of a popular song "the more you see, the less you know" and before I dismissed it as just another clever twist of words, I explored it further.  And I found the grain of wisdom in it.    

It took me back to when I was 18 and wanted  to leave my home town.  As I matured, I felt stifled there and felt as if life would be bigger and broader somewhere else.  Many of my friends, acquaintances or family members didn't feel that way, and at that time all I knew was that I felt different.  

The truth was that I was different.  I had traveled and explored and seen a lot of the world at a young age which was more than many others in my home town.  And by seeing more, I realized I needed to know more.  In essence, the more I saw, the less I knew.  


One of the greatest gifts to being exposed to more...more ideas, more people, more companies, more jobs, more bosses, more troubles, that as you see more, the more you realize that there is so much more to know.  


There is nothing worst than a know-it-all. We have all experienced a know-it-all at some point in time.  In truth, know-it-alls haven't seen or experienced much of the world.  They are closed and resistant to new information.  They know it all because their purview is kept small.  


By understanding this counter-intuitive truth, it is good to be reminded that when you start to feel like you have figured it all out and that you have all of the answers, it's time to see more in order to be reminded that you really know very the grand scheme of things.  


It's no wonder that leaders are constant learners.  Leaders are never know it alls.  They seek to see more and with the more they see, their quest to learn more grows greater still...because the vastness of not knowing expands with every new thing they see. 



Laura Lopez is an award-winning author of The Connected and Committed Leader.  She is a leadership and branding expert who has been featured on the Today Show, Latina Voices Smart Talk, Living Smart and Fox News


In addition, her accomplishments have been highlighted in several business periodicals including  Personal Excellence, The Long Beach Business Journal, The Houston Chronicle, Latina Magazine, and Central Valley Business Times. Her articles on management and leadership are regularly seen in Leadership Excellence. 

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