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December, 2008
Are you a "Taker" or a "Giver?"
If you are like most people, when answering this question you probably would say "I'm a giver, not a taker." 
These terms are so engrained in our minds to be synonymous with bad and good, that it is hard to envision any situation where "giving" isn't always good or "taking" isn't always bad.    In other words, regardless of the situation, it's bad to "take" and it's good to "give." 
Well, not exactly. 
The paradox of leadership means that it often requires more taking than giving.  When we take, we actually allow others to give.  Leadership is about receiving what others have to give and contribute, without exerting our will over them or the situation. 
Our society and culture are so focused with giving at all costs that we forget to receive, or worst yet, we equate receiving with "taking," which in other words means that it is "not good."   
Being able to receive is a compassionate and gracious act. 

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