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December, 2012

Are you nipping opportunities in the bud? 

There was a time when I had an opportunity knock on my door and before I had had the chance to fully explore it, I had quickly dismissed it and decided it was not worth pursuing.


When I had told a dear friend about this incident, she quickly offered some sage advice.  She said "We must go through life with an open palm so that seeds (opportunities) are free to come and go.  Oftentimes seeds will come and land on our palm and for whatever reason we are quick to blow them away judging them as seeds we don't want to take root.  Instead, we should just allow the seed to sit in our open palm and we may see that the next day it is gone on its own, or perhaps it has begun to grow small little roots."


Two months ago I was confronted with such a situation.  I received a call from a recruiter for a senior level marketing position.  My first reaction was "I am not interested.  I love what I am doing and am very fulfilled running my own business."  But, then I remembered my friend's advice and allowed myself to sit with the seed without making any rash decisions about it. 


I accepted the opportunity to meet with the recruiter and to casually discuss the opportunity.  I found that during our conversation, I could relate to the problems this organization was facing and I shared many situations both in my past corporate experience and with my current client base that drew important parallels.  I was neither trying to "get the job" or "dismiss it" I was simply open to the opportunity and to the discussion.


Interestingly enough, I began to see how my background was fully aligned with the needs of this organization. 

Over the course of the following 4-6 weeks, I saw that the seed continued to grow roots and in turn, my interest in the opportunity piqued.  It was all a very natural progression and I was offered the position.


Beginning in January, I will be starting a new phase in my career progression as I take on this new position that will continue to challenge my skill set and bring new seeds of opportunity.  As with any new opportunity, some new doors open and others need to be closed.


As a result, I have had to let some wonderful clients go in my coaching and training business, but I know that in the areas of leadership and branding, I will only be able to offer more in my blog and newsletter as well as in my speeches because I will be entering into new situations with different challenges that will offer new lessons that will help to add value to others.


So as you enter into a new year filled with new opportunities and challenges, remember to keep your palm open allowing seeds to come and go, or to take root to change the course of your life in a richer way as it has happened to me.  Don't be too quick to dismiss or accept them, just allow the time for the right ones to take root.


May your 2013 be filled with plenty of seeds!


Laura Lopez is an award-winning author of The Connected and Committed Leader.  She is a leadership and branding expert who has been featured on the Today Show, Latina Voices Smart Talk, Living Smart and Fox News


In addition, her accomplishments have been highlighted in several business periodicals including  Personal Excellence, The Long Beach Business Journal, The Houston Chronicle, Latina Magazine, and Central Valley Business Times. Her articles on management and leadership are regularly seen in Leadership Excellence. 

Laura can be contacted via her Web site at:


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