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Are you too loyal?
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February, 2008

     As we enter into February and get close to Valentine's Day, the idea of romance and loyalty comes to mind.  Loyalty is a good thing when it comes to loving your spouse, significant other, children, family and friends.  However, when it comes to your work and business, loyalty can work against you. 
    Are you too loyal to your business?  A good friend once said to me, "be careful about loving your business too much, because it won't love you back."
    Read on to see how it doesn't always serve you to be too loyal in business.
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Are you too loyal?
Don't forget to reassess.
     Recently I was speaking with a former executive of a major company who had left her company "to pursue other interests."  In other words, she was down-sized, or more bluntly, she was fired. 
     I asked her what had happened and she responded, "I don't know what went wrong. Every time the company asked me to do something, I did it.  I was loyal and responded to their every need and request."  
    That is what went wrong.  She never stopped to reassess what she wanted and she never said no.  She took on jobs she wasn't excited about.  She moved to cities she didn't want to live in.  She worked for bosses she didn't respect. In the end, because of all these choices she made out of loyalty, she was doing something she didn't like, working for a boss she didn't respect and living in a city she didn't want to be in. 
     A recipe for failure.
     Like this former executive, you might have the assumption that business requires a sense of self-less sacrifice and loyalty, where you don't have the ability to say no, if you want to get ahead.  Wrong. 
     Business today, whether in a large corporation or in a small entrepreneurial business, requires results, not loyalty.  When you make choices that don't support your strengths, abilities and needs, you aren't in a position to bring your best to the table.
     Results in business require your best!  Loyalty works against this.
     When my company wanted me to move to a city I didn't want to live in, I said no.  Moving to a place that I didn't want to be, where my family and I would be unhappy, would not allow me to offer the best I had to give. This was a tough decision because in the past I also had been too loyal.  The result was to part ways and to build a new business,  which suited my strengths, abilities and needs.  Now I am fulfilling my needs and can give my clients my best.
      What about you, are you too loyal?  Are you blindly going along with what is requested of you, without reassessing where you want to be?  Are you  fully leveraging your strengths, abilities and needs?  Are you in a position to bring your best to the table today and every day?  It might be time for you to set the loyalty aside and reassess.
     Reassessing your position is key to your success in business.  When you reassess, you are adjusting your actions to align with your vision.  When you reassess, you are defining/redefining your work/life balance needs.  When you reassess, you get clearer about your authenticity and are more likely to be a better leader at work and in your life.  Leaders know that reassessment makes them more effective.
    There isn't an employer, customer or client that doesn't want your best.  When your reassessment process leads you to say "no," be sure to explain why it isn't working for you, your vision, your brand, your strengths, your work/life balance needs, etc.  Whatever your reason may be, it is order for you to be the best you can be. 
     Remember, its best to keep loyalty where it belongs, at home with your loved ones.  Loyalty in business doesn't serve you, your company or your business.  Lead your business forward by reassessing continuously.  Forget the loyalty, achieve results by being true to yourself, your strengths and your needs.
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