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January, 2013

Are you looking at your job in the right light? 

I kicked off the year with a great new opportunity.  


I call it an opportunity, not a job, for a very important reason.  


In our entrepreneurial-obsessed society, the word "job" can conjure up a whole host of negative thoughts and emotions. In fact, during the first week of my new opportunity, some of the comments I heard from acquaintances, friends and even colleagues were as follows:


"Back to the grind?" 

"Rejoining the ranks of working stiffs?"

"No more freedom for you!"

"Goodbye flexibility, hello 9 to 5"

"Help me left what we all dream of for this?"


As sad as it sounds, many of us dread being employees and fantasize that having our own business is like having the perfect world.  The truth is there is no perfect world, each has its pros and cons.  


However with a shift in perspective, a job can be freed from its perceived limitations.   


That shift happened for me when I realized that going back to work as an employee for an organization was nothing more than having one big client.


After all, my new employer has contracted me for a job to be done, just as I would have been contracted by a prospective client.  The difference is that this job just happens to be big enough that I need to be available to this one client on a full time basis.  I don't have enough time in my day or in my week to add another client.  I am an entrepreneur with one big client, which happens to be my employer.  


I don't think there is one entrepreneur on this planet that wouldn't love to be paid for every working  hour...guaranteed.  


So, why do we continue to downplay being employed?  Because we don't view our jobs in the right light.  When you have an entrepreneurial perspective with a job, you free yourself up from being trapped by these misguided ideas about what a "job" really is.   


So here are some tips to keep in mind as you begin to think of yourself as an entrepreneur with one key client and turn your job into a "perfect world" opportunity:


1.  Keep engaged in your work by learning all you can in order to get the job done for what you were contracted.

2.  Continue to add value so that your contract continues to be renewed with your employer.

3.  Treat your boss as your main client by meeting their needs and expectations.  

4. Keep a broad view on your industry and challenge yourself to keep current with industry standards.

5.  Develop a rich network both internal and external to your organization.  



Laura Lopez is an award-winning author of The Connected and Committed Leader.  She is a leadership and branding expert who has been featured on the Today Show, Latina Voices Smart Talk, Living Smart and Fox News


In addition, her accomplishments have been highlighted in several business periodicals including  Personal Excellence, The Long Beach Business Journal, The Houston Chronicle, Latina Magazine, and Central Valley Business Times. Her articles on management and leadership are regularly seen in Leadership Excellence. 

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