"We can all be great leaders if we have connection and commitment.  Both require an intimate understanding of ourselves." -- Laura Lopez
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As a highly successful, former Marketing VP with The Coca-Cola Company, Laura Lopez knows how to get things done. Throughout her 20-year corporate career, she has effectively led teams of people to launch products, build advertising campaigns and achieve results year after year. Laura succeeded at climbing the corporate ladder despite the odds; learning how to effectively overcome obstacles, accept change as a catalyst for growth and become a leader who engages both mind and heart.

Combining her expertise in corporate business management with her personal experience in parenting, Laura provides a unique perspective on leadership for business in the 21st century. In Laura’s book, “The Connected and Committed Leader: Lessons from Home. Results at Work”, she helps us discover that leadership skills are often counterintuitive to what we have been taught. Leadership is not just for the boardroom. Laura teaches us that it is possible for others to willingly help us achieve our goals.

Laura knows that businesses cannot fully thrive over the long run without their people being motivated, inspired and fulfilled. Laura Lopez helps people see their challenges from a different vantage point so they can begin to understand and act on creating advantage for themselves, their businesses, and their lives.


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