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"The Connected and Committed Leader"
by Laura Lopez

Can you achieve better results at work by applying lessons from home? Laura Lopez says, “Yes.”

Leadership in the 21st century is not reserved for “the top dogs.” Skills for managing timelines, projects and deadlines are not the same skills needed for leading people. When leaders micromanage, people under-perform. In this book, Laura explains the importance of bringing our hearts to work. Getting reluctant employees to accept new ideas is not much different than convincing a two-year-old that it’s time for bed. While being an effective leader is not easy, the rationale, insights and experiences offered in "The Connected and Committed Leader" will help CEOs, school principals, mid-level managers, teachers, and everyone in every organization to become the best leader they can be.

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"The Connected and Committed Leader"?


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"The Connected and Committed Leader"
by Laura Lopez

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"The Connected and Committed Leader"
by Laura Lopez

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"The Connected and Committed Leader"
e-Book and e-Workbook
by Laura Lopez

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Inside the Book:

"The Connected and Committed Leader" - Table of Contents
"The Connected and Committed Leader" - First Chapter Free!

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Finalist in the
Business Category of the
2008 Next Generation
Indie Book Awards!
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